Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life is a memorial service with an emphasis on rejoicing for a life lived rather than grieving for the loss of that life. It celebrates who the deceased person was in life.

A Celebration of Life ceremony does not need to be held at the funeral home. We will help you plan your service wherever it is most appropriate and we will have staff available during the service to assist with any needs of the day.

We have hosted celebrations with themes such as: classic cars, motorcycles, and a horse drawn carriage.

We will help you plan your Celebration of Life by asking questions like:

  • What type of music did the deceased enjoy?
  • Did they have a favorite band or song?
  • Did they have pets or a favorite animal?
  • Are there any hobbies that should be the theme of the celebration?
  • Are there people we should ask to speak about special memories or humorous stories?
  • Are there pictures, home movies or perhaps a favorite movie that should be shown during the celebration?
  • Are there mementos that you would like to give out at the ceremony (e.g. seed packets for gardeners)?

Example of a Celebration of Life Ceremony held at our chapel:

The deceased was an artist in life and passionate about music. Instead of a traditional memorial service, we hosted an art show at the chapel. Different people were asked to loan art, created by the deceased, to the chapel for the show. A video was also created with pictures from the deceased’s life showing family, friends and additional works of art. A collection of favorite music was played during the celebration.  The guests spent the evening looking at the various art work, sharing stories about pieces they had brought, and sharing memories they had with the deceased. The night was not without tears, but it was a balance of tears and laughter. The deceased’s life was truly celebrated.

The pieces shown are a just a small sampling of the artist's work. To the far left is "The Gift". The piece to the right was unnamed. 

Examples of Celebration of Life Ceremonies held at a location other than Davis Memorial Chapel:

The deceased enjoyed riding in her son's antique truck and wanted her last ride to be in his truck. Her wishes were granted and the casket was transported from the Chapel to the Cemetery  in the truck.

The deceased enjoyed his motorcycle.  His memorial service was filled not only with photos, but his motorcycle was on display and his urn was transported from the Chapel to his burial site on his motorcycle by one of his riding buddies.  A beautiful tree was planted in his memory.



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